What Causes Yellow Fingernails?


What causes yellow fingernails basically vary from the invasion performed by fungus infection to a disease caused by the rare syndrome.

If you find your fingernails experience discoloration like they become yellow, it’s time for you to be aware of your current physical condition. The signs could be something devastating unless you realize the symptoms immediately and call your doctor. To distinguish between normal and problematic fingernails, what causes yellow fingernails, and so on, never hesitate to check this following out.

Signs that Your Nails are Healthy

There is a big difference telling whether your fingernails go with some health-related issues or not. To prove how healthy your nails are, you have to understand some characteristic of fingernails in good health. First, the ones considered great are judged and scientifically verified based on the consistency of fingernails’ color. When you see deeper, a fit nail appears to be smooth and finely shiny.

The clear indication that the fingernails of yours are sound is nothing else but how it remains in shape – we mean that the horn-like envelope wrapping your fingers’ tip doesn’t become thicker or even slighter. It’s such an easy procedure when it comes to maintaining the nails’ health. Trim your nails with a proper nail cutter, file them, clean thoroughly, and immediately dry them. The main objective of nail drying is to keep the moisture away. Wetter the nail condition is, bigger your nails invaded by fungus.

What Possibly Causes Yellow Nails

Even though yellow nails are considered something less dangerous, a yellow color is a serious sign of particular diseases you can’t take lightly. That is to say, your bright yellow nails are under an underlying medical condition. When your body is in the shortcoming of both vitamins and minerals, you must realize that the presence of yellow nails is nothing but inevitable.

The thing even is getting more wrong when your nails are loaded with a fungus infection. The organism loving wet environment doesn’t only lead to thickness but also brittleness. The term in the medical world refers to onychomycosis. In most cases, the infection often attacks adult people. The case on children is found to be rare. The guy becoming the troublemaker is, in fact, the dermatophytes. Surprisingly, it relentlessly eats your keratin.

In certain cases, like they’re rarely found, yellow nails are a serious indication of this disorder – yellow nail syndrome (YNS). In the field of the medical world, the causes of the syndrome are not found yet. However, people with YNS normally have thickened nails whose growth is relatively slow, and the shape is prone to be curved. Another symptom of YNS is none other than an issue on the breathing system. You are encouraged to see your doctor if you have those typical symptoms.

Other poor medical conditions like diabetes and terrible blood circulation taking place in legs can inevitably cause yellow fingernails. It doesn’t stop there; people with the peripheral vascular disease are highly susceptible to being affected by yellow fingernails. Moreover, the same is true with disorders concentrating on autoimmune system thing.

How Yellow Nails are Treated

Yellow nails can be treated well. By way of explanation, there is a variety of medications that the sufferers could take. The treatment itself, as what your doctor has said, depends on the causes making your nails turn to yellow. If the core of the issue is the fungal infection, the further medical procedure is nothing else but giving antifungal treatment. Your doctor usually prescribes with ciclopirox (8 % solution). The usage is quite easy and similar to the application of nail polish.

As claimed by a study successfully conducted, it’s found that applying antibiotics like 400 grams of clarithromycin is highly effective in getting rid of yellow shade on the nails. Other alternatives to help cure the disease include consuming multiple nutrition intakes comprised of zinc, vitamin E, and not to mention vitamin D-3 (taken from a topical corticosteroid).

Are there any home remedies to take? Yes, for sure. To treat your yellow fingernails, you might apply either tea tree oil or a topical mentholated ointment. According to reality, the topical mentholated ointment works better than tea tree oil. A quarter of the population with yellow nails feels better after applying that.

Tips to Prevent Yellow Nails

For prevention especially for nails in general, you can start by doing some simple things like putting on shoes properly fitted. Don’t let your feet feel harmed or hurt due to the cramped condition of your shoes. Cutting with clean cutters using a straight across the way is such a great step to stave the problem off. What’s more, ensure that your socks are not in a wet state or fungi will inhabit it. Moreover, last but not least, always let your hands or feet dry and clean.

To make the long story short, what causes yellow fingernails is varied from fungus infection to yellow nail syndrome. For preventive measure, it’s essential that you let your environment dry.


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