What Causes Vertical Ridges on Fingernails?


What Causes Vertical Ridges on Fingernails?

Do you have vertical ridges on your fingernails? Find out the causes, the treatment, and the prevention this ridges on the fingernails.

The health condition can affect the parts of the body including the condition of the fingernails.

The condition of fingernails that may occur is having the vertical ridges on fingernails.

Vertical ridges are not dangerous or harmless. The ridges may affect the performance.

To figure out what causes vertical ridges on the nails, the treatment, and the prevention?

Here are the explanation of the causes, the treatment, and the prevention related to the vertical ridges on the fingernails.

The Causes of Vertical Ridges on Fingernails

Some causes of vertical ridges on fingernails. They are:

1. Psoriasis

The vertical ridges can be caused by psoriasis. The fingernails will look reddish-brown with the vertical line.

The psoriasis is the skin condition that can affect the condition of the nails. Vertical ridges on the fingernails will lead to the nail loosening and separating.

2. Malnutrition

When the body immune system lowers down because of malnutrition, it will influence the part of the body including the nails.

Your body shows that the deficiency of the intake of nutrients like protein, vitamin A, calcium or zinc.

The deficiency of the nutrition is shown by the ridges on the fingernails.

3. Melanoma

Another cause that makes the fingernails have the vertical ridges is melanoma. Melanoma can be a form of cancer, and it can be indicated from the dark spot that may appear as the ridges on the fingernails.

4. Aging

One of the causes of the vertical ridges on fingernails is aging.

The process of aging affects the nails so that it creates the vertical ridges. The ridges happen because the nails lack the moisture.

The symptoms of ridges are marked with such certain conditions such as the fingernails become thinner or thicker, begin loosening, lose the smooth shape, and break easily.

You can see several vertical ridges formed in your fingernails from the tip to the bottom of the nails.

The Treatment of the Vertical Ridges on the Fingernails

The treatment toward the vertical ridges on the fingernails will be in accordance with the causes that initiate the ridges.

If you go to the doctor, the doctor will focus on the treatment on resolving and observing the condition which spurs the ridges appears.

The treatment for the aging condition is by moisturizing and buffing the fingernails so that the appearance of fingernails will be more smooth.

Meanwhile, to treat the ridges caused by the malnutrition is by eating the well-balanced diet, which consists of the complete nutrients to the body.

On the other hand, the vertical ridges caused by psoriasis can be treated by seeing the doctor.

The doctor will decide whether psoriasis need further treatment or just apply the medicine to the ridges on the fingernails.

The treatment for the ridges that are caused by melanoma is by performing medication, surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy.

The Prevention of the Vertical Ridges  on the Fingernails

Ridges on the nail do not always appear to be the huge problem of health. It may happen for certain causes. The ridges on the fingernails may seem disturbing because it may affect your performance. Here are several ways to reduce the vertical ridges on the fingernails.

1. Buff the Fingernails

Buffing the fingernails will make them look more smooth. Buffing can also minimize the ridges. Do the gently buffing.

2. Eat A Proper-Balanced Diet

Eating the nutritious food is very important in taking care of the body including the nails. The ridges on the fingernails may happen because your diet lacks the essential nutrients. Do the proper diet and consume the vitamin supplement which could help the health of the nails. To stay in good condition, your nails need biotin which can be obtained from sweet potatoes, soybeans,  brown rice, cheese, and green vegetables.

3. Apply the hand cream daily

Reuse the hand cream after the wash. The ridges may happen because your hands and nails lack moisture. By reapplying it, you can obtain the moisture that you look for from your fingers. You can use olive oil to substitute the hand cream.

4. Use Gloves when Doing the Dishes

The detergents from the dishwashing may be harsh on your skin. The exposure of the detergent will make the vertical ridges to develop easily.

5. Apply Proper Nail Care

The vertical ridges on the fingernails may appear because of the poor nail care application. Many nail disorders are caused by the lack of proper nail care. To overcome this, you need to develop good and proper nail care habits. The purpose is to make your nails healthy, Have your nails cut regularly. Do the cut after bathing. The nails will easily break down. Don’t cut your nails too short or it may lead to infection. Avoid biting the nails because it may worsen your nail appearance.


Vertical ridges on the fingernails are not dangerous. You need to apply the proper nail care to improve the fingernails appearance. But, if you find the serious ridging and cracking vertical ridges symptoms, you need to see the doctor soon and find out the reasons.


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