Nail Abnormalities-What Causes Black or White Lines in Your Fingernails


Black lines on nails or white lines on nails are, in point of fact, a serious sign of a particular disease.

Healthy nails come with a smooth look and steady coloring. Unless they show any good indication, you might be alert. The thing you’re facing at the present moment could be nail abnormalities. Otherwise stated, there is something wrong with your nails such as spot appearance, discoloration, and brittleness. Furthermore, you might find your nails filled with either black lines or white lines.

To clarify black lines on nail or white lines on nail, there is nothing more important other than checking this following thing out!

What Causes Black Lines on Fingernails

In the medical term, a black line on the nail is called splinter hemorrhage. Why the term is called so as it’s pretty similar to a wood splinter. When you see closer on this type of nail abnormality, the form is like a slender black line vertically occupying underneath your nail. It takes place due to several factors. Moreover, it indicates two signs of physical state – being fine or being affected by a certain disease.

How splinter hemorrhage comes into sight is normally brought about by the detriment on small blood vessels. The clear characteristics to notice cover:

• Not only is the color black but it’s also reddish brown.

• The black line is found either in one spot or multiple spots on nails.

• The appearance remains the same even you give some pressure on the nail.

• If it’s in the thick version, it’s not that dangerous. Despite so, it could be a sign of subungual melanoma cancer.

Hence, what are the main causes of the black nail? Arguably, there are plenty of factors causing this type of disease. The common one is because of a trauma. It can take place especially when your nail bed gets hurt harming the blood vessel. The trauma somehow can’t be felt like you don’t realize when you have this thing. For instance, you unintentionally squeeze something allowing the nail of yours instantly to get affected.

Psoriasis, a skin condition considered a chronic disease whose manifestation is in the form of silvery plaques, is another cause of black lines on skin. According to an investigation, 50 percent of the population whose psoriasis also experiences splinter hemorrhage. Apart from it, you might find that endocarditis is the root of why the black line happens. It’s a type of disease affecting the heart’s condition.

What Causes White Lines on Nail

Unlike black lines, white lines on nails usually appear at random. The shape you can spot is nothing else but white line or stripe. The size and form are found to be multifarious. Interestingly, they remain static even the nail slowly grows. The shape changes when your nails are under the rule of fungal infections, turning the shade into something yellowish white.

When an individual is lack of protein in blood – perhaps the person is facing malnutrition or kidney disease, white lines do not hesitate to pop up. Instead of appearing irregularly, the white lines look like parallel lines. They are, in general, called Muehrcke lines. These lines also don’t make any movement every time the nail develops. To nip Muehrcke lines in the bud, making a better the level of protein in your body is nothing but essential.

Have you ever heard Mees lines? Although they are not pretty common, the white lines are in need of attention. They usually stretch horizontally on the nail and actively move when the nail grows. The stripes don’t disappear when you squeeze your nail. In most cases, the appearance of Mees lines is caused by arsenic poisoning. Other causes include being poisoned by carbon monoxide as well as chronic health condition due to heart failure.

Treatments Commonly Taken on the Nail Issues

There is a vast variety of treatments you might take to get rid of black lines on nail. However, bear in mind that the cure highly relies on the central cause of the condition – like diseases mentioned previously. As the causes vary, there is no specific standard when it comes to treating splinter hemorrhage. For instance, you are required to apply antibiotic and surgery when realizing that you’re dealing with endocarditis. This type of provision is also applicable to white lines on nail.

How to Prevent Nail Abnormalities

Prevention is way better than treatment. You can start by regularly using nail clippers after taking a shower when the condition of your nail is soft. Then, dry the nails soon to avoid moisture. Is your daily habit of biting the nails? It’s time to stop that bad routine from now on as it can worsen the abnormalities instead. Moreover, most importantly, get some healthy diets daily so that the protein insufficiency can be avoided.

In a nutshell, black lines on nail or white lines on nail are the indication of certain diseases. The nail abnormalities can be treated by seeking out the main cause of them.


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