Types of Nail Polish That You Can Put On Your Nails


There are many types of nail polish available. Find out what are they!

When it comes to color your nails, there are many choices of nail polish that you can put on your fingernails and toenails. The dark and bright colors or the combination of the ombre colors will make your nails look appealing and eye-catchy. Do you need to know what types of nail polish to bring a great effect to your performance? Find out here.

Basic Nail Polish

Applying the basic nail polish can help your nails from chipping or splitting. Paint your nails with the basic nail polish and complete it with the hand massage. Dry the polish before it spreads to the edges of the nails.

Glitter/Shimmer Nail Polish

Create shining nails to make other people focus on you, try glitter or shimmer polish nail.  This type of polish nail is such a good choice to wear in the summer or when you attend the night birthday party. This glitter polish nail contains the morsel of glitter. Use the top coat to feel the extra effect.

Metallic/Chrome Nail Polish

See the metallic effect! Metallic or chrome nail polish is irresistible for the bright and shining nail appearance. This type of nail polish is easy to break. Metallic needs extra care when you apply this or let the experienced manicurist do it for you.

Crème Nail Polish

Crème nail polish is the classic standard varnish that many ladies love to apply. This nail polish is quite low-maintenance and has many varieties of crème shades.

Matte Nail Polish

Matte nail polish is great with every season appearance especially holiday season. In contradiction to metallic or glitter, matte has no shine but more about the top quality of nail polish that shows the beautiful finish that fit the skin tones.

Gel Nail Polish

One of the most favorite chosen nail polishes creates a good impact on the nail looks. This type has many varieties of colors that can be applied for DIY and salon manicure. The gel has good durability compared to other nail polishes. The gel is less resistant to breaking or chipping.

Acrylic Nail Polish

Acrylic nail shape is quite popular. This nail shape combines the powder and the liquid. That combination makes the hard layer that is used to cover your nails. The hybrid hardens because it is exposed to the air and produces the transparent canvas of the nail polish.

Foil Nail Polish

The foil nail polish may slightly look similar to the metallic/or chrome one. This nail polish creates the strong shine variation with certain specific appearance and texture. The look has the power to capture and cause the reflection to the light.

Neon Nail Polish

If you are typically who are into retro look, give your nails a retro look, too. Use neon nail polish to lift the retro mood. This neon type consists of many colors like hot pink, the safety cone orange or the vest green neon. This nail polish gives the matte finish when it is applied.

Shellac Nail Polish

Shellac nail polish is the combination of the cured gel hybrid and the nail polish, and this combination is being hardened under the UV light. It is softer than gel. Shellac comes from CMD, the company that owns this type of nail polish.

Fiber Nail Polish

Fiber gives the colorful texture that enables your nails to grow healthily. It is recommended to use for the nails as the fiber is durable enough from chipping or splitting.

Tips in Choosing the Suitable and Healthy Nail Polish

Here are tips in choosing the suitable and healthy nail polish.

1. Choose the nail polish that gives the smooth finish. The smooth finish can cover the ridges on your nails and can prevent the chipping or breaking.

2. Choose the nail polish that can enhance the growth of the healthy nails. This nail polish has the power to strengthen the nails.

3. Choose the nail polish that can bring the long-lasting effect, so you do not need to reapply the nail polish.

4. Choose the nail polish that can have the quick-drying finish, so you don’t need to wait for the nail polish to dry or bother if the nail polish smudges all over the place.

5. Choose the all-in-one nail polish that consists of the base and top coat, if you aim for two. You will get two benefits in a bottle of nail polish, and the application will be more practical.

Tips to Remove the Nail Polish

After trying all the nail polishes, you need to remove the nail polish to give your natural nails a break. Here are some tips to remove the nail polish.

1. Prepare the cotton bud and nail polish remover.

2. Open out the cotton bud and spread the cotton strips.

3. Tear the cotton strips into small pieces yet can cover the nails.

4. Soak the small pieces of cotton strips into the nail polish remover. Put each soaked cotton strip in each nail firmly.

5. Wait for several minutes until the cotton strips can lift the nail polish. Press the strips to all the surface of the nails. Change another strip to remove the rest of nail polish completely.

Try these types of nail polish to obtain the awesome nail looks. Good luck!


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