The Nail Manicure Types That Can be Applied to Your Fingers


Basic manicure is the simplest manicure to apply. Find out other types of nail manicures to try.

If you go to the nail salon, you can ask the manicurist many types of nail manicures. You need to know about them so that you can select the most appropriate type of manicure that fit your nails. Here are the nail manicure types that can be applied to your fingers.

Basic Manicure

One of the types of nail manicures is the basic manicure. This manicure uses the simple procedure. You are going to have your hands soaked in a bowl of warm water and massaged in the oil. Later, your nails are going to be painted. You can do this basic manicure at home because it is quite fast and simple. The lack of this basic manicure is it does not give the chic and elegant look to your nails because it can easily break the manicure.

French Manicure

One of the most favorite classic manicures that many women love to apply is the French manicure. This type of manicure will boost the chic, elegant, and high-maintenance looks of your nails. The look of the French manicure emphasizes the uniqueness of the combination of the pale colors of the white and soft pink as the base. The tips of the finger will be painted white, while the bed of the nails will be painted in the soft pink. You can do French manicure at home. The lack of this French manicure style is it turns out to apply French manicure requires high concentration and accuracy so the failure may happen. However, if you often practice doing this French manicure at home, you will be a French manicure specialist.

Paraffin Wax Manicure

Paraffin wax manicure is such a luxurious, and costly manicure yet works on those who have the dry hands. Both hands and feet will be infused by the heated paraffin wax in a small tub. Paraffin wax usually has the healing scented soothing essential oils. Your hands and feet will be covered in the plastic bag and the hot towels. The wax will be hardened to open the pores. Once the wax is getting cool, the wax will be taken away, and your dead skin cells will go with it, and your skin will become smooth. The paraffin manicure costs more money and needs to be applied in the nail salon with the experienced manicurist. Furthermore, this manicure is not suitable for those who have the diabetic or poor blood circulation

Acrylic Manicure

Another type of manicure that many ladies love to have is acrylic manicure. This manicure is typically the combination of the powder polymer and the liquid monomer. Both polymer and monomer will turn into the acrylic and create the strong layers to cover the natural nails. The acrylic is getting hardened and becoming transparent when the air comes to it.

The acrylic is easily fixed if it is broken and it is easy to take off. Another one is the acrylic can last longer. On the other hand, the acrylic contains the fumes and chemicals, which are not good for pregnant women. The acrylic may harm the nail beds, and the beds will become the place to grow the bacteria and fungus.

Gel Manicure

Gel manicure can last longer compared to other types of nail manicures. This manicure requires curing by using the LED light. This manicure will make the nails more shining and work less in nails chipping. In contradiction to the benefits, gel polish from this manicure cannot go off easily. It takes an effort to remove it. You need to soak the nails and the help from the LED light.

Tips in Selecting the Suitable Nail Manicure

Here are some tips to select the suitable nail manicure.

1. Choose the nail manicure that you want to apply for your nails. The basic manicure is suitable for those who like practical and clean-cut nail shape. While French or gel manicure is suitable for those, who want to have the elegant and high-maintenance nail look.

2. Make sure the shape of your fingers and nails fit the manicure and the look you want to obtain from the manicure.

3. Ask the manicurist for the better explanation if you get confused. The manicurist knows better which manicure fits the customer.

4. Choose the nail manicure that fit your budget. If you want to have enough budget, why don’t you try the paraffin wax manicure? If you want to save more money, you can do the basic or French nail manicure at home.

The Cheap Ways to Apply for the Nails Manicure

The cheap ways to have the perfect nail manicure is by doing it at home. Here are the ways.

1. Prepare all the manicure kits.

2. Trim your nails. Make sure you don’t trim your nails too short.

3. Soak your fingers in the warm water and let them dry.

4. Buff your nails to make them shiny and smooth.

5. Use the nail polish base coat, color nail polish, and the nail polish topcoat.

6. Dry them.

May this article gives you more information about the types of nail manicures. Do the manicure and see the result on your nails.


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