Tricks on Making Good Look on Short Nails Manicure


Having short nails make you unconfident? Try the tricks and ways to do the manicure on short nails to make your nails look good.

Manicure on Short Nails

Do you have short nails? You still can beautify your short nails with the perfect manicure. Here is the information about the tricks and the ways to do the manicure on short nails to obtain the beautiful and elegant nails look.

Tricks on Making Good Look on Short Nails Manicure

Creating the look of the manicure on the short nails can be very tricky. However, if you know some tricks, your short nails will look cleaner and elegant. Here are some tricks to make your short nails manicure look good.

1. Make your short nails look attractive. To create that look, you need to keep the manicure on your short nails clean, shaped, and smooth.

2. Before doing the manicure, make sure you remove the cuticles to make the half-moons of the short nails.

3. Groom the short nails and paint them to create a longer nail illusion.

4. Put the nail oil to massage the nail beds to minimize the dryness and the dullness.

5. Do the daily filing to make the tips of the nail stronger.

Ways to Do the Manicure on Short Nails

You can do the manicure on short nails at home. Why don’t you give it a try?. Here are some tutorials to perform manicure on short nails.

1. File your nails into the even shape to create the smooth finish. It is recommended to form the round shape.

2. Apply the hand cream to moisturize your hand. Apply the cuticle oil on your nail cuticles. Wait for several minutes to absorb.

3. Soak your hands in the warm water for several minutes. The purpose is to make the cuticle oil more absorbed in the cuticle. Dry your hands with the towel.

4. Buff your nails with a nail buffer to create the shiny and smooth short nails. Take your hands out of the water and dry the hands with the towel. The purpose of buffing is to make the polish nail stay strong on the nails. Using the nail buffer on the nail surface can also get rid of the ridges. As a result, your short nails will look gorgeous and shiny.

5. Remove the cuticles from the nails by using the cuticle stick. The purpose of removing the cuticles is to create the illusion of the nail length and clean and neat look. Use the cuticle stick to remove or push back any dirt beneath your nails.

6. Put on the nail polish. Select any colors you look great on the short nails. Generally, many colors are suitable for those who have short nails, such as violets, pinks, blues, and greens.

Choose the color you like or are suitable with your skin tone. If you have light in complexion, you can try to have your nails painted in certain dark colors like purples or dark reds and purples.

Those colors in your nails can show the contrast. Those who have the dark in complexion can try oranges and soft or bright pinks.

Those colors look good in the dark complexion. If you want to create the illustration of the nails that look longer, paint your nails with the nude or pale colors. It is recommended to use one shade lighter from your skin color.

7. Apply a base coat before you apply the color polish nail. The purpose is to create the smoother and longer effect on the manicure and prevent the nail polish from staining on your nails.

Choose the base coat that has the function to strengthen the nails and can fill the ridges or bumps.

8. Paint the color you want to your nails once the base coat is being dried. You need to make sure that the first coat smooth and thin to prevent the nail polish from smudging.

Dry the first coat on your nails.

9. Have a second coat to be painted. Try to apply the same technique as you use in the first coat.

The purpose is to make the color of the nail polish brighter.

10. Complete the procedure with the top coat. Apply the clear top coat to secure the color. Do the swipe of the brush from the top to bottom of the nail beds so your painting process will not chip.

11. Clean up the mess from the nail polish you make in your fingers or the edge of the nails. Clean it by using the cotton bud. Dip the nail polish remover.

Do it gently and slowly to remove the excess dirt because of the nail painting.

Make sure the cotton bud does not damage your nail painting.

12. Finish and dry the nail polish. Voila! Your manicure on short nails will appear to be gorgeous.

Try to do the manicure on short nails to keep your short nails healthy, clean, and bright. Good luck!


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