How to Make Your Nails Stronger


How to Make Your Nails Stronger

What makes your nails get weak? And how to make your nails stronger

Do you realize that people, especially women, tend to only care about the appearance of their fingernails? That is the reason why nail-art and nail polish are very famous. On the other hand, not many people care about the health of their nails, you know.

Yes, even though the texture of the fingernail is firm, nails can also be weak. Weak nails will be very detrimental to you since it makes your hands feel uncomfortable, and it will reduce your ability to hold many things. Weak nails are easily bent and easy to peel and break. That is such a nightmare, right?

According to Dr. Debra Jaliman, an Egyptian dermatologist, there are many things that make nails weaken. The causes are as follows:

1. Dishwasher soap

Too often being exposed to dishwashing soap not only makes your skin itchy and irritated but can also make your nails erode and weaken. Hence, do not forget to use gloves when washing dishes so that your skin and nails are not damaged.

2. Biting nails

Nail biting habits not only make your nails look pretty but also make your nails brittle. If you like to bite your nails when you are anxious or when you are bored, you should leave the habit. Forced yourself not to bother with pins.

3. Iron deficiency

Not only makes the body become weak, but lack of iron can also cause the nails to grow bent and broken easily. So, always take care of your food intake. Routinely, consumption of foods with high iron content such as meat and green vegetables. If necessary, you can also take iron supplement supplements.

4. Poor quality of nail polish

When buying nail polish, do not just be tempted with a beautiful and striking color. Check whether the nail polish contains dangerous substances or not. Don’t be lazy, look for the nail polish brand reputation through the Internet. Many beauty bloggers and vloggers have reviewed some notable nail polish entirely as your guide. And you can also check the drug and food control site.

5. Using fake nails/nail art

Using fake nails and nail art for a long time will weaken your fingernails. Use only the nail art and fake nails if you attend a party or other important event.

6. Scratching the nail into the wall

Just like fingernails biting habit, scratching the nails on the wall is a habit that people do when they get bored or anxious. Not only can it damage the wall, but scratching your fingernails into the wall will also make them weaker

How to Make Your Nails Stronger?

Weak nails can bother your activities, considering that there are so many activities that we do use hands. You certainly don’t want that to happen, right? Well, how to make your nails stronger? Some habits that can strengthent your nails are not difficult to do:

1. Cut the nails properly

Consider cutting your nails using nail clippers and not scissors, because the scissors are too sharp for your nails. Besides, do not leave the nails too long because it will make them brittle, and do not cut the nails too short.

2. Apply almond oil

Almond oil can strengthen nails, make your nails brighter, and indeed can reduce nail spots. Apply regularly after bathing and before going to bed. Having trouble finding natural almond oil? You can replace it with nail care products from almond oil from several famous brands.

3. Eating foods contains iron

Eating foods contain iron is one of the best ways on how to make your nails stronger. You can pick some healthy food like vegetables and also red meat as the main dish in your eating table. If you consume them routinely, there is a big chance that your nails will be much healthier, brighter and also stronger. Who doesn’t want that beautiful and healthy nail?

4. Say no to lousy nail polish

Are you a kind of person who loves to buy that cheap nail polish because you want to buy much of them, in different colors? Then think again. You might get that fleeting beauty to be changed with your health. Hence, instead of buying many super cheap nail polishes with different colors, buy the nail polish in high quality. That will not only give you better color and looks but also keep your nails and your hand healthy

5. No more nail-biting

What will you get from biting the nail? Can you get out of your worry by doing that? That is just a placebo effect. Instead, you will be much more worried because that bad habit will lead you into the worst and worst nail. Hence, learn to control yourself. If you feel anxious, better wash your face or doing many things that can make you relax, such as playing a game.

Now that you know how to make your nails stronger, are you ready to do all the necessary efforts? Having stronger nails means better protection on your fingertips. The stronger your nails, the healthier your life will be.


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