How to Make Nails Grow Fast


How to make nails grow fast and healthy?

There is a quite interesting history about the long fingernails. In the long period in China, those who have long nails indicated that they lived a very prosperous life because they don’t have to do many hard works.

Maybe that thing cannot be applied in the modern world.

Even that hard-worker female employees can have the long fingernails, with fantastic nail arts on it! Hence, there are some reasons on why people nowadays, especially woman keep growing their fingernails

  • It makes your hands look slimmer
  • It enhances feminine looks
  • The old stereotype still influences woman. The longer your nails, the more elegant you will look
  • You can easily apply the nail-art on those long fingernails
  • For some people, having the long fingernails can ease some activities, such as opening the can, tearing some products’ packaging, etc.

Undoubtedly some people don’t want the long fingernails. They claim that having long fingernails can be very troublesome. Hence, they decide to cut their nail as short as possible. This thing usually happens in man.

But, they still want their fingernail to grow quickly. The nails that grow fast is a sign of healthy fingernails.

If your fingernails are too short, then there is a chance that your fingers will easily get hurt, because the nails have the function to protect your hands and foot’s fingers.

You might have heard many stories about how some people must go through hard surgery because they fingernails are too short to protect their fingers.

You don’t want that terrible thing to happen to you right? Hence, understand some steps on how to make nails grow:

1. Concern on what you eat

The nails need nutrition to grow quickly. So, you can change your daily junk food into something healthier and contains vitamin A, B, C, D and also mineral.

That substance can not only make your fingernails grow quickly, but also make them healthier, shinier, and even stronger.

2. Do some activities with your hands

Yes, you cannot be lazy if you want your nails to grow quickly! The more you do the activities, the easier the blood flows into your nails.

Do some activities like playing the piano, cooking, or pushing some stuff.

That thing will stimulate your nails to grow quickly. But remember, don’t scratch your fingernails while you were doing those activities, because you can make your fingernails weak.

3. Garlic for your nails

Do you know that garlic can not only be used to make the foods more delicious? That is also a thing that can make your fingernails grow quickly.

How does it work? Make the onion puree using the blender, then apply that to your nails. Let it dry for 10-15 minutes.

Voila. You will see that your nails look shinier and they can grow well after you did that treatment! Maybe the garlic smells too strong, but what you get from this treatment is quite relieving.

But remember, after you finish the treatment, don’t forget to wash your hand with soap. Make sure that there is no more strong smell from your hands.

So, what kinds of activities that are still acceptable to do with your fingernails and won’t harm them?

Applying the nail polish: the nail polish won’t harm your fingernails and won’t obstruct the growth of your nails.

But, in a condition that you use the nail polish in good quality. In the e-commerce platform, many people sell the cheap nail polish and claim that they sell good nail polish.

Remember, that the price defines what you will accept.

A very cheap nail polish, moreover if it has a famous brand, is dangerous and it might be a harmful counterfeit

Using the nail arts and also the fake nails: You can still apply that gorgeous nail arts and artificial nails. But don’t apply it too often, give your nails a break. Only use them when you attend some important events or parties because the use of nail arts and fake nails in a long period can inhibit the nails’ growth

However, there are some things that you must avoid so that you can grow your fingernails quickly. Unless you leave these habits, reading tips on how to make nails grow fast will not help much. So, better avoid:

Biting nails: This is what the anxious people often do.

It can harm your mouth, it can make the bacteria enter your stomach, and it can inhibit your fingernails grow. So, never do this activity again. If you feel worried, calm your mind by listening to music or doing your hobby

Too much-drinking alcohol and smoking: Do you know that the alcohol and nicotine can inhibit your nails’ and hairs’ growth? So, better to leave those two substances.

Getting stressed out: stress can inhibit any parts in your body to grow: from hair, eyelashes, to the fingernails.

You only live once so, enjoy your life.

Those are the tricks on how to make nails grow fast. So, ready to have healthy nails that can protect your hands from any harm outside? Ready to do all the things above? That is your call


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