How to Do a French Manicure at Home?


Try to have your nails manicured by following the steps on how to do a French manicure at home.

Many ladies love to pamper themselves to a nail salon by having their fingers and nails manicured in the different styles.

The French manicure always becomes the most favorite choice because this manicure style is applicable enough and easy to apply for at home.

Here are the details about the French manicure and the ways how to do a French manicure at home.

What French Manicure is?

The French manicure seems effortlessly creating an elegant, chic, and healthy looks to your nails.

The French manicure is typically a style where the beds of the fingers are painted in pale pink and tips are painted in the white band.

What the Advantages of Doing French Manicure at Home are

Going to the nail salon to have your nails manicured is tempting.

However, if you are quite busy to visit a nail salon, you cannot pay attention and maintain the chicness and health of your nails.

Therefore, being able to do the French manicure at home, you can save time and money.

You can do anytime you want, and you do not need to book an appointment and rush into the nail salon to get your nails manicured. As long as you know the proper ways to do French manicure at home, everything will be easy.

What you Need

Before following the steps how to do French manicure at home, you need to prepare some French manicure kits. They are:

• A nail files

• A nail clipper

• A bowl of warm water

• A towel

• A cuticle sticks

• A bottle of the top coat

• The base coat

• The soft baby pink nail polish

• The white nail polishes

• The nail guides

Step by Step

Here are some easy steps to do French manicure at home to follow.

1. Prepare the Nails

The first step in doing French manicure at home is trimming your nails by using a nail clipper. You need to trim the nails in accordance the length you want. Make sure your trimming has similar shapes to each nail. Don’t trim the nails too short. It will be better if your nails are longer.

2. Shape or Form the Nails

After trimming, you need to shape or form your nails. You can choose the round or square nail shape that fit your fingers. Both nail shapes seem the best choices for applying for the flawless French manicure.

3. Soak the Nail Cuticles

Prepare the bowl of the warm water and soak your hands in it for one or two minutes. Use the cuticle remover and remove your cuticles and the dirt in your fingers gently. Clean the grim from the underneath of your nails. The function of removing the nail cuticles is to make your manicure in good shape and will last long.

4. Smooth and Shine the Nail Beds

The next step is smoothing and shining the nail beds. Dry your hands from the warm water. Use a nail buffer to make the beds of the nails smooth and shine. This buffing process should be done before enabling the nails to apply for the base of nail polish.

5. Paint the Nails on the Base Coat

Later, you need to prepare the base coat for the nails. Put on the thin layer of the soft baby pink nail polish as the base coat on your nail beds. Dry the polish for about 30 to 50 seconds under the light. Paint the second coat polish again on the nails and dry them. If you plan to make unconventional French manicure style, you can apply one of the colors like, purple, green, red, or any color you love to see on your nails.

6. Apply for the Nail Guides to the Finger Tips

After the base coat on your nail beds is dry, the next step you need to do is applying for the nail guides. Put the nail guides on the tips of the nails to create the curves of the flawless white tips. Paint your tips with the white nail polish. Brush the nail polish lightly by drawing the sad face or smiley look alike on the fingertips. Dry them for one or two minutes.

7. Take off the Nail Guides and Apply for the Top Coat Nail Polish

After drying the fingertips, remove the nail guides. Paint the top coat polish to the tips. Do the painting to set up the smooth line. Clean the excess nail polish up before the polish becomes dry. Next, dry the top coat polish for a few minutes. Before fingertips are dry, you need to make sure to avoid everything that may damage your nails polish.

For the easy step by step tutorial of doing the French manicure at home, you can watch the video below.

Try to apply for the perfect French manicure style to your nails to create the elegant and high-maintenance look to your nails.

Follow the step by step tutorial on how to do French manicure at home thoroughly and get the best nails treated. Good luck!


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