Fingernails Lifting from Nail Bed


Fingernails lifting from nail bed could be something serious if no further treatment is taken. Don’t ever try to take this health issue lightly.

You accidentally become aware of fingernails lifting from nail bed. In the world of science, such a condition is called onycholysis. The term basically refers to a gradual separation of a nail (that could be fingernails or toenails) from the nail bed. Normally, people who experience this type of thing don’t feel any pain. It takes 4 to 6 months to let a new nail re-grow.

What Causes Onycholysis?

An array of injuries is often blamed for onycholysis. An injury can appear due to some bad habits – wearing tight shoes for instance. If you have an allergy to nail polish products, the possibility of getting affected by fingernail lifting is also relatively higher. Moreover, the same is true with the manicure tools pushing your nail. Their presence is threatening so that those who regularly take manicure and pedicure should be alert with this issue.

The most common cause of onycholysis is nothing else but trauma or known as systemic medication. Never disparage the small trauma. If it’s slowly accumulated, it’s not impossible that nail separation will happen to you. Onycholysis itself could be an indication that someone is invaded by nail fungus or yeast infection. Apart from the stuff, you need to realize that you are susceptible to this when you’re lack essential vitamins and minerals.

What about the symptoms or the common signs? In general, individuals who are about to have onycholysis, the clear indication you can notice is how your nail turn its color. In common case, the new shades vary, such as yellow, purple, grey, and even slightly green. Then, your nail, slowly yet surely, peels upward from the bed. During this process, the sufferers feel fine as it doesn’t hurt.

How to Treat Onycholysis

The fundamental step before further treatment is taken to make sure the cause of onycholysis. When the cause is discovered, the cure measure can immediately be performed. It seems that this health issue doesn’t require a specialist or a doctor since it looks like something trivial. However, you need to change that typical thinking. When it comes to curing, giving a diagnosis as well as a prescription is nothing but vital.

According to general findings, there is a high correlation between fingernails lifting from the nail bed and the sign of getting affected by psoriasis. Interestingly, 50 percent of people with psoriasis go through nail-related issues including onycholysis. Your doctor usually gives a prescription allowing you to consume both corticosteroids and topical vitamin D.

For further examination, some with terrible nail issues are required to conduct a blood test to determine whether the patients are lack of vitamins or even experience a disease related to thyroid. These two factors are also the source of why the onycholysis takes place on your toe and finger. Speaking of which concerning this condition, a doctor usually prescribes with an oral supplement. Besides, the professional recommends you to opt for healthy diets rich in vitamins and minerals.

Is it possible to go for home remedies? Definitely yes; you can take a regular cleaning. Keep in mind, don’t ever try to do the cleaning procedure by wiping the part underneath the nail with water. How does it come? You need to underline that this way of cleaning allows the groups of bacteria grow larger and the infection gets worse.

For the best solution, our recommendation goes to cleaning with tea tree oil. As claimed by research in 2003, it’s found that that type of aromatic liquid can reduce an infection caused by fungus and yeast underneath the nail. To get the most out of this treatment, you can combine other ingredients such as coconut oil and jojoba oil.

How to Prevent Fingernails Lifting from Nail Bed

If you love painting your nails but are allergic to particular products causing allergies, it’s time for you to leave them. Carefully choose the ones convenient to your skin. As we know, some including acetone and acrylics have a major contribution in worsening the nail-based diseases. Therefore, keeping them away from your reach is such perfect prevention to go for. Go for allergen-free products instead!

Do you have biting nail habit? You have to bring that to an end from now on. Not only does this activity affect your nail but also it makes your mouth get infected. If you’re already aware that your nails are loaded with fungus and yeast, there is no way better other than getting appropriate care. Putting on dirty, damp socks is highly risky. Thus, wear them in a clean condition.

To cut a long story short, fingernails lifting from nail bed or know as onycholysis is a condition where the sufferers lose their nail. Although the symptoms are painless, it’s essential that you get further treatment.


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