Dip Powder Nails – Manicure Powder That Will Last Longer To Use Than Use Of Gel


Manicure Powder That Will Last Longer To Use Than Use Of Gel

Now many are talking about manicure powder more precisely about Dip Powder Nails.

What is Dip Powder Nails and what are the advantages?

Dip powder nails is a kind of new technique manicure treatments as an alternative even many who argue as a delegate of manicure techniques on the market.

Many think that this technique is a better way because of various advantages.

This manicure powder is designed as a safer nail polish because the manufacture of a treatments series carried out with this manicure powder does not contain harmful hard chemicals.

Besides being considered safer, the average dip powder nails on the market do not have a strong smell, so for some people who are allergic to odors from the nail polish process, they can still enjoy the process on this powder manicure model.

This type of product is also generally more durable than acrylic painting techniques, and some even claim to be able to stay beautiful for up to 8 weeks without worrying about damage to the nails that are ornamental.

Unlike nail painting techniques in general, the use of manicure powder does not require UV or a led lamp in the process.

This technique makes the process simpler and can even do it in your own home without having to waste time visiting the nail spa.

However, the results obtained are the equivalent with treatment with a gel manicure and have better resistance even with acrylic though.

Between these gel and manicure powder, there are other similarities, its the ease of removal for the release process.

Dip powder is also considered to be healthier, generally in traditional acrylic nail polish treatment techniques and polish gel contains methacrylate, methacrylate many argue as an ingredient that can weaken the nail base.
Long-term use of methacrylate can cause the nail to become weak and soft.

Unlike acrylic and gel polish, Dip powder is made from ingredients that are free of methacrylate.

This the reason why nail care using manicure powder is much healthier.

Nails that are painted using this powder get fantastic results, but the nails bases don’t weaken and stay better and healthier when the paint is released compared to other methods.

However, the results of good painting depend also on how you apply the correct technique to the powder nails.

So, if you want to do by yourself, then you should take the time to know how the way to do it.


Step by Step Dip Power Nails applications,

The ingredients needed in the manicure process this time are; Dip powder nails set such as a bond agent, base, dip clear powder, primer, dip powder with the color of your choice, and top coat.

1.Bond agent

Apply your nails with bond agent slowly in all the nails that will be inlaid.


Use clear base as the second step; the clear base serves as glue, so you have to be careful and slow so that this step is evenly covering your nails, continue immediately to step 3 one by one.

3.Dip Clear Powder

The next step is to  dip your finger into the clear powder
Dip 2 or 3 seconds on the bottle with a 45-degree slope into it then lift and tap your fingers just above the powder container to out away the dip powder that sticking out of the nail.

Do steps 2-3 on the next finger and keep going until all done.


After completion of the three steps above repeat using the base, this to continue using the dip color powder.

Be careful so that the base is evenly attached to all layers of the nails.

5.Dip Color Powder

After completing the fourth step, proceed immediately by dipping the finger to the color powder just like the third step, (choose the color according to your taste, the choice of colors varies from average to sparkling)

6. Repeat Use of Dip Color Powder

To get the maximum results after completing step 5,  use again base as usage in step 2 then dipping the nails into color powder with the same color.

Do one by one and continue the next finger.

7. Nails Buff.

Gently rub all dry nails after finish from the six processes above.

Sweep all Fingers to clean up the remaining powder that sticking out.

Then wash all the nails without soap.

8.Activator and Top Coat

After completion of all stages above applies the activator followed by top coating.
Brush one by one with the activator then top, move to the next finger and so on until the last.

It takes about 30 seconds for drying, then proceeds with the repetition of the top coat, so that the results are perfect.

9.Cuticle Oil

Use cuticle oil right on the fingers above your nails, and done.

I now suggest watching the video that I linked from  Nail Career Education




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