Wonder what different types of nail shapes fit you best?


Wonder what different types of nail shapes fit you best? Find out the information.

Is it your first time visiting a nail salon? There should be a first for everything. Having a ‘me time’ to treat your nails with the pretty nail shapes can boost your mood.  Find out some different types of nails that can beautify your nails and suit your best.

Different Types of Nail Shapes

Oval Shaped Nails

As many different types of nail shapes, you can give the oval-shaped nails a try. This type of shaped nails emphasizes the combination of the rounded, square, and almond shape from the nails by adding the sides to the fingertips. The curve on the nails will create the slender and feminine accent to the fingers.

Round Shaped Nails

If you like to have your nails kept short and tidy, you can try to have the round shaped nails. This type always becomes the favorite choice among all different types of nail shapes offered in the nail salon. The shape will accentuate the straight sides of the nails and curve the edges of the nails to follow the fingertips’ natural shape. The round shaped nails will fit best to those who have narrow or short beds of the nails.

Stiletto Shaped Nails

If you have long nails and want to have your nails manicured, try stiletto shaped nails. Your nails will look chic. This type of nail shape looks like the peak of the mountain, where the peak of the nails will be pointy. To shape your nails into stiletto, you need to go to the nail salon that provides an expert and supported with electric kits for shaping the nails. Make sure you go to the nail salon to have your nails shaped pointy regularly so that the stiletto stay in shape.

Edge Shaped Nails

Among all different types of nail shapes that many ladies love to try, the edge shaped nails are getting popular and becoming eye-catchy. This type of nail shape accentuates on the edges and the points that the nails form. Both edges are straightly extended to form the ridge from the center of the nail to the tips. This type of nail shape is chic yet suitable enough for daily appearance.

Almond Shaped Nails

Almond shaped nails are suitable for those whose fingers are slim and long. This shape of the nail can create the feminine and glamorous appearance toward your fingers. To form this type of the nail shape, the bed of the nails will be filed to narrow down and end the tip to form a rounded point. The almond shape will look like the oval shape, where the almond shape are placed along the sides of the nails. When it comes to this almond shape, you need to keep the nails manicured because your nails will grow fondly that may ruin the shape of the almond in the nails.

Square Shaped Nails

Even though this type of nail shape can be applied to any types of nail shapes, it will be recommended to those whose fingers are short length with wide beds of nails. The square shaped nails are the best choice among different types of nail shapes provided.  This type of nail shape does not require the hard effort to main its shape. You need to ask the favor from a manicurist in the nail salon to form a square shape where the tips of nails are diminished flat and the straight edges. This square shape nails will fit the practical ladies who want to have clean-cut nails.

Squoval (Square and Oval) Shaped Nails

Another different type of nail shapes is squoval (square and oval) shaped nails. This type of nail shape combines two different shapes: square and oval. This type of the shape nail will have the sides filed square, and the tips of the edges will be curved into the oval as a result in your nails will become form the squoval shape. This shape does not require high maintenance care. It also can stabilize and increase the nails’ strength from breaking. You can apply the squoval shape to your nails, no matter what your shape of the fingers looks like.

Ballerina Shaped Nails

Try to be different! Ballerina shaped nails are quite popular as the signature of the nail shape type from Kylie Jenner. This nail shape accentuates the slender yet extreme nail beds. The tips of the nails will be filed square, so they will look like the slipper of ballerina or coffin. That’s why ballerina shaped nails are known as coffin shaped nails. If you dare to be unconventional, this type of shape nail will show your chicness and glamorousness. To form the ballerina shape, you need to go to the professional manicurist because it requires the expert technique to create the best details on your nails.

Those different types of nail shapes can inspire you to select the most recommended and suitable type that may fit your length of fingers and the nails. Good luck!


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